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Client ID: 65582
Date: 14-08-2019

Client ID: 65970
Date: 13-08-2019

“A great team - a pleasure to work with.”
Client ID: 65474
Date: 12-08-2019

Client ID: 65555
Date: 10-08-2019

Client ID: 65858
Date: 06-08-2019

“The Moving Team were excellent.”
Client ID: 65602
Date: 01-08-2019

“Great Work, Great team of Guys, Excellent”
Client ID: 65675
Date: 03-07-2019

“Brilliant, Excellent”
Client ID: 65777
Date: 04-07-2019

Client ID: 65455
Date: 03-07-2019

“Polite, Pleasant & Hardworking”
Client ID: 65550
Date: 28-06-2019

Client ID: 65377
Date: 27-06-2019

“Have used Greens 3 times and will use again,  All excellent”
Client ID: 63361
Date: 24-06-2019

“Very Good”
Client ID: 65709
Date: 24-06-2019

Client ID: 65254
Date: 25-06-2019

Client ID: 65612
Date: 20-06-2019

Client ID: 65503
Date: 11-06-2019

“Fantastic,  Thank you”
Client ID: 65598
Date: 11-06-2019

“Very satisfied, A very good service.”
Client ID: 65067
Date: 31-05-2019

“Excellent Service thank you!”
Client ID: 65585
Date: 30-05-2019

“Very friendly helpful staff.”
Client ID: 65597
Date: 29-05-2019

“Lovely crew, very helpful and courteous.”
Client ID: 65465
Date: 24-05-2019

“Excellent Service!”
Client ID: 65606
Date: 20-05-2019

“Very well organised, pleasant men to work with as they were very helpful and cheerful.”
Client ID: 63839
Date: 25-04-2019

“Pleasant and Polite, excellent service.”
Client ID: 65292
Date: 24-04-2019

“Pleasant team, very helpful, cheerful and polite!”
Client ID: 65265
Date: 18-04-2019

“Pleasant team, very helpful, cheerful and polite!”
Client ID: 65265
Date: 18-04-2019

“Can not fault the team, good humoured and keen to please. Absolutely no complaints!”
Client ID: 62540
Date: 17-04-2019

Client ID: 63193/63192
Date: 17-04-2019

“Excellent - Thank you so much”
Client ID: 65389
Date: 17-04-2019

“Very Pleased, will use again if required and would recommend.”
Client ID: 65376
Date: 11-04-2019

“The service was brilliant. The team were careful, courteous and friendly.”
Client ID: 65188
Date: 28-03-2019

“Very cheerful despite some tricky bits of furntiture.”
Client ID: 65378
Date: 19-03-2019

“A great job under extreme circumstances. Thank you”
Client ID: 63012
Date: 05-03-2019

“Packing and moving completed efficiently. Excellent service provided.”
Client ID: 64043
Date: 03-03-2019

“Absolutely excellent service throughout, took all the stress of moving away. Would definitely reccomend”
Client ID: 65108
Date: 01-03-2019

“A good job well done, thank you.”
Client ID: 65124
Date: 28-02-2019

“Everything went very smoothly on the day.”
Client ID: 63484
Date: 13-02-2019

“Fantastic Service both in the Office and from Removal staff.   Helpful & flexible, got me out of a very stressful situation”
Client ID: 65268
Date: 14-02-2019

“Worked really hard & so grateful for their efforts”
Client ID: 64092
Date: 25-02-2019

“Very Good, NIce Guys and Very helpful”
Client ID: 65151
Date: 26-02-2019

“Good Friendly, Efficient Service,   would certainly recommend Greens”
Client ID: 63721
Date: 11-02-2019

“Brilliant company,, Great Guys”
Client ID: 65101
Date: 31-01-2019

“Great Friendly Guys”
Client ID: 64020
Date: 31-01-2019

“Prompt, courteous & Efficient Team”
Client ID: 60920
Date: 17-12-2018

“The delivery men were extremely patient, helpful and willing”
Client ID: 64016
Date: 15-12-2018

“Fantastic Service”
Client ID: 63993
Date: 12-12-2018

“Brilliant from start to finish”
Client ID: 63215
Date: 10-12-2018

“Great Guys”
Client ID: 63846
Date: 05-12-2018

“Very Friendly and helpful. Excellent Job”
Client ID: 63752
Date: 29-11-2018

“Fantastic, Made it very easy”
Client ID: 63755
Date: 29-11-2018

“First Class.”
Client ID: 63455
Date: 29-11-2018

“Great Guys, Spot On”
Client ID: 63698
Date: 29-11-2018

“Very Helpful ”
Client ID: 63709
Date: 29-11-2018

“Friendly and Professional Service”
Client ID: 63664
Date: 29-11-2018

“We were very impressed from initial phone call to saying good bye to the team who carried out the removal. Every care taken, we had a good laugh and what should have been stressful was made easy.”
Client ID: 63404
Date: 07-11-2018

“Good Service throughout, well done.”
Client ID: 63293
Date: 05-11-2018

“The team were wonderfull, very polite, friendly and helpful. We will definitely reccomend your company to anyone”
Client ID: 63681
Date: 05-11-2018

“Excellent local company, would reccomend”
Client ID: 63323
Date: 30-10-2018

“Rated Excellent, politie and friendly. Really pleased with the whole move. Thank you for the service.”
Client ID: 63346
Date: 25-10-2018

“Great Job, most pleased with the service”
Client ID: 60957
Date: 24-10-2018

“Very good, we were very impressed by the efficient courteous service!”
Client ID: 63506
Date: 22-10-2018

“Very friendly happy staff. Pleased with the work carried out.”
Client ID: 63630
Date: 21-10-2018

“Very happy with the team who carried out my mums move, thank you.”
Client ID: 63504
Date: 19-10-2018

“Move went Smoothly thankyou, would reccomend Greens Removals to others”
Client ID: 63589
Date: 19-10-2018

“Excellent Service ”
Client ID: 63659
Date: 23-10-2018

“Delighted with the thoroughness and good humour throughout the whole time”
Client ID: 63286
Date: 17-10-2018

“Amazing,  Thank you”
Client ID: 63181
Date: 30-08-2018

“Well Done”
Client ID: 63086
Date: 23-08-2018

“Excellent Service”
Client ID: 62802
Date: 21-08-2018

“Great, helpful, friendly staff and brilliant service.”
Client ID: 63122
Date: 17-08-2018

“Very good move.”
Client ID: 63100
Date: 13-08-2018

“Lovely crew - very polite and exceedingly helpful.”
Client ID: 62864
Date: 13-08-2018

“Good time keeping, great, polite crew. Couldn't ask for a better firm.”
Client ID: 62954
Date: 10-08-2018

“Fantastic crew once again, thank you.”
Client ID: 63052
Date: 08-08-2018

“Very pleased with the service.”
Client ID: 63041
Date: 13-07-2018

“Excellent service.”
Client ID: 63122
Date: 20-07-2018

“Excellent service, staff were very polite.”
Client ID: 63089
Date: 20-07-2018

“The team were excellent - worked hard in very, very hot weather. Friendly and polite throughout, thank you.”
Client ID: 62728
Date: 25-07-2018

“Extremely brilliant! Hard working, polite staff, nothing seemed an issue.”
Client ID: 63067
Date: 23-07-2018

“Provided me with a very practical solution to clear a house and store the contents for my elderly relatives. The storage price was particularly attractive when compared with other providers of similar services.”
Client ID: 62765
Date: 26-07-2018

“All of the team were very friendly and helpful.”
Client ID: 62896
Date: 06-08-2018

“The crew arrived early and were very quick and efficient.”
Client ID: 63077
Date: 28-07-2018

“Fab work on very hot days! Thank you.”
Client ID: 62832
Date: 04-07-2018

“The service was excellent. Staff were highly efficient, friendly and could not be faulted.”
Client ID: 62691
Date: 05-07-2018

“Professional staff who were friendly and careful with all our belongings.”
Client ID: 62844
Date: 20-06-2018

“Excellent service.”
Client ID: 62632
Date: 29-06-2018

“Excellent service.”
Client ID: 62519
Date: 28-06-2018

“Excellent service, would use Greens again.”
Client ID: 60786
Date: 28-06-2018

“Happy from start to finish.”
Client ID: 62676
Date: 22-06-2018

“Fantastic job again!”
Client ID: 60936
Date: 22-06-2018

“So efficient on the day, courteous and respectful of our belongings. No hanging around, got on with the job! A very impressive service from the first house visit, right through to the last item being taken off the lorry. Thank you very much, we are very happy customers!”
Client ID: 62682
Date: 29-05-2018

“Brilliant service!”
Client ID: 62514
Date: 20-06-2018

“The crew were exceptional and worked extremely hard.”
Client ID: 62777
Date: 15-06-2018

“Excellent service.”
Client ID: 62616
Date: 14-06-2018

“Absolutely brilliant service, the crew were fantastic. Would happily recommend Greens again.”
Client ID: 62582
Date: 12-06-2018

“Excellent service - splendid team.”
Client ID: 62551
Date: 21-05-2018

“Excellent all round, Thank you!”
Client ID: 62673
Date: 08-06-2018

“Very Helpful Team!”
Client ID: 62146
Date: 06-06-2018

“The service was excellent, the team could not not do enough!”
Client ID: 62816
Date: 05-06-2018

“Absolutley fantastic! Lovley crew”
Client ID: 62746
Date: 01-06-2018

“The team were brilliant!”
Client ID: 62587
Date: 31-05-2018

“All went well, Thank you”
Client ID: 62692
Date: 30-05-2018

“The whole team were very friendly, helpful and proffesional throughout”
Client ID: 62372
Date: 25-05-2018

Client ID: 62745
Date: 24-05-2018

“Pleasant and very friendly!”
Client ID: 62601
Date: 24-05-2018

“Excellent service thank you”
Client ID: 62441
Date: 23-05-2018

“First-class Service, all went very smoothly. The Removal men were very pleasant, cheerful and a pleasure to be around.”
Client ID: 62641
Date: 18-05-2018

We used greens when we moved from suffolk to kent and it was a trouble free & excellent service, now moving back to suffolk we had no hesitation in using greens and again the service was excellent, from the removal team and everyone in the office. Thank you all

Client ID: 61034
Date: 16-05-2018

“The Removals men were amazing!!”
Client ID: 61048
Date: 15-05-2018

“Very friendly and helpful team”
Client ID: 62235
Date: 11-05-2018

“Fab Team! Thank you!”
Client ID: 62489
Date: 04-05-2018

“Thank you so much. Your crew have been absolutley amazing. I would never have coped with out them and i will refer you to anyone for sure.”
Client ID: 62563
Date: 02-05-2018

“Excellent, would reccomend!”
Client ID: 62512
Date: 03-05-2018

“Amazing, thanks!”
Client ID: 62142
Date: 03-05-2018

“Excellent service!”
Client ID: 62606
Date: 29-04-2018

“Excellent as always!”
Client ID: 62330
Date: 27-05-2018

“Very good, helpful friendly team!”
Client ID: 62390
Date: 27-04-2018

“Very Good Service!”
Client ID: 61048
Date: 24-04-2018

“The guys were brilliant! Would fully recommend to anyone”
Client ID: 62370
Date: 20-04-2018

“Really Helpful Staff. Thanks very much”
Client ID: 62499
Date: 06-04-2018

“Fantastic service from all members of the team!”
Client ID: 61056
Date: 12-03-2018

Client ID: 62564
Date: 13-04-2018

“Really Helpful Staff. Thanks Very Much”
Client ID: 62499
Date: 06-04-2018

“Fantastic service from all members of the Team.”
Client ID: 61056
Date: 12-03-2018

“The Crew were brilliant! Professional, friendly and delt with the bad weather very well, I would reccomend Greens to anyone for a smooth removal!”
Client ID: 60915
Date: 09-03-2018

“The crew were fantastic, thank you so much for a great service”
Client ID: 62355
Date: 23-03-2018

“Excellent Service”
Client ID: 62379
Date: 23-03-2018

“Really happy, the team done a very good job”
Client ID: 62334
Date: 22-03-2018

“Couldn't have been better, Thank you!”
Client ID: 62246
Date: 26-03-2018

“Excellent Service”
Client ID: 62137
Date: 02-03-2018

“Lovley team, very nice and polite”
Client ID: 61003
Date: 23-02-2018

“Polite, friendly hardworking team who carried out the move with no problems.”
Client ID: 60847
Date: 22-02-2018

“The crew were very professional and helpful”
Client ID: 61065
Date: 16-02-2018

“Very Friendly and Punctual”
Client ID: 59759
Date: 15-02-2018

“The team were very helpful and hard workers. Im really impressed, Thank you Greens”
Client ID: 61069
Date: 15-02-2018

“Leave it to the professionals!”
Client ID: 62222
Date: 14-02-2018

“Can't fault the team who moved us. Incredibly helpful and hardworking
Client ID: 61081
Date: 10-02-2018

“Great team, Thank you!”
Client ID: 62132
Date: 29-01-2018

“We found the team polite, informative, hardworking and efficient.”
Client ID: 60518
Date: 26-01-2018

“Fantastic from start to finish! Would highley reccomend. The team were on time, polite and really helpful. Thank you!”
Client ID: 60895
Date: 19-01-2018

“The Team were very thorough and helpful”
Client ID: 60837
Date: 17-01-2018

“Very pleased with all members of staff. Excellent service from start to finish”
Client ID: 60894
Date: 13-01-2018

“Wonderful service with very polite and helpful staff throughout. I would reccomend to anyone”
Client ID: 60923
Date: 09-01-2018

“The crew were very helpful”
Client ID: 60480
Date: 04-01-2018

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